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First let's breakdown the 2 known types of bans. First there is a Launcher Ban, the ban will occur instantly when logging into a new account (you wont even make it to the launcher) these bans usually happen every time. The second known type is a Hardware-ID Ban, HWID bans are completely random and there is no way to tell if you are HWID banned, most users reporting them around the fifth ban. With HWID bans, once you get banned, BattlEye/EasyAintiCheat will flag your drives' serials. HWID bans will occur within 15-30 minutes of being in-game.

HWID Ban Solution

Evading a Hardware-ID Ban can be a little more tricky. The first option is to purchase a HWID spoofer which temporarily changes your drive serials, tricking BattlEye/EasyAintCheat, and letting you play. If you chose to use cheats make sure you spoof after injecting your cheats or it will mess up the HWID lock. (Cheats -Spoof -Open game). The second option is buying new hard drives. Third option is to Raid-0 your drives, combining your drives into one, producing a new drive serial.

If its an account you want to attempt to get back I recommend making a ban appeal and using chatGPT to make you a good appeal!

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